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Utah Mineral Sea Salt COARSE GRAIN (Case of 8)

Utah Mineral Sea Salt COARSE GRAIN (Case of 8)

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This is 100% natural sea salt, sourced from an ancient salt deposit in Central Utah. It is full of trace minerals, and enhances the flavors in the foods you love to eat.

Many sea salts in the market are no longer in their natural state. They have been modified by extracting essential minerals, and altered by introducing additives.

Take a look at the ingredients of these refined salts and you can find unnecessary additives like dextrose (a sugar), potassium iodide, sodium ferrocyanide (E535), and many more. Switch to Impact's premium gourmet sea salt and enjoy the benefits of naturally occurring minerals and delicious flavorful food.

About the Product

Introducing our Utah Coarse Grain Mineral Sea Salt, a culinary gem from an ancient Utah mine. Packed with over 80 natural minerals, this all-natural salt is nature's gift to elevate your dishes. Delight in its rich, nuanced flavors that enhance your food while knowing you're making a sustainable choice with our post-consumer recycled pouch. Taste the history, savor the purity, and cook with confidence.


Mineral Sea Salt.

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